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  • Fall 2019 SWEAP Newsletter (9/19/2019)

    Dear SWEAP Listserv:

    The SWEAP Team hopes that everyone’s fall semester is off to a great start! We are here to serve as a “one-stop shop” for all your assessment needs. 
    A combination of three SWEAP instruments (Field Instrument, Curriculum Assessment Instrument, and Exit Instrument) is, in fact, all an undergraduate social work program needs to meet CSWE assessment requirements. For graduate programs, those same three SWEAP instruments meet the CSWE assessment requirements for the Generalist Practice year, and implicit curriculum assessment. MSW programs have had great success working with the SWEAP team to develop customized instruments that assess outcomes for their specialized practice areas. Want more information?  Visit our website https://www.sweapinstruments.org/ for more information or contact any of our SWEAP Team Members listed below for a consultation and planning session.
    The SWEAP team had our annual summer work meeting in July, and a lot was accomplished. We’d like to make sure our users are aware of some important developments, and more to be expected soon:

    SWEAP Instrument ID Code Question
    We  have deleted the Student ID item from all of our instruments.  The Student ID item was originally designed for paper forms, to allow programs to link student information across instruments. Programs rarely, if ever, used this item for that purpose. Instead, the SWEAP team fields dozens of emails each semester from confused students, faculty, and administrators who were unsure how to answer the item. If your program would like to insert a Student ID item into any of our forms, contact a SWEAP team member to discuss customizing your instruments.

    SWEAP’s New User Interface
    We’ve updated our user interface to allow easier navigation through your program’s instruments and reports. We will be updating our How-To videos to provide guidance on using this new interface, but we’re SURE current users will LOVE the changes! Check out an orientation video to the new interface: HERE

    Coming Soon! In a matter of weeks, we will introduce THREE new ways to administer SWEAP instruments:
    1) Uploading a properly formatted and populated Excel file;
    2) A single link for multiple users to access SWEAP instruments; and,
    3) Seamless integration of SWEAP instrument administration into courses utilizing online learning management systems.

    SWEAP at the 2019 APM
    The 2019 APM Conference is approximately one month away, so we want to remind all of you about SWEAP’s presence at the event.
    The SWEAP team will have a booth in the exhibit hall at 2019 APM.  Please stop by for some SWEAP swag and conversation about assessment.  SWEAP members will be available for consultation during most of the open exhibit hours. Dana Sullivan, SWEAP Secretary, is coordinating consultations for those who wish to schedule meetings.  Contact her at Dana.Sullivan@wku.edu to schedule a meeting. 
    We are looking forward to seeing many of our users in Denver! If we don’t see you at APM, feel free to reach out to any of us directly to learn more about our updates.

    Board Members 
    Tobi Delong-Hamilton (President), Brandman University, doctdh@gmail.com
    Kathryn Krase (Vice-President & Treasurer), Yeshiva University, kathryn.krase@yu.edu 
    Dana Sullivan (Secretary), Western Kentucky University, Dana.Sullivan@wku.edu
    Brian Christenson, Capella University, Brian.Christenson@capella.edu
    Kristin Danhoff, Metropolitan State University of Denver, kdanoff@msudenver.edu
    Ruth Gerristen-McKane, Regis College, ruth.gerritsen-mckane@regiscollege.edu
    Tameca Harris-Jackson, University of Central Florida, Tameca.Harris-Jackson@ucf.edu

  • Introducing New Website! (9/16/2019)

    Navigate the sections below to access major functions available to SWEAP users throughout this interface.

    To open/close each section, click on the heading

    Quick video of new features!
  • Email Multiple Users (7/27/2019)

    Hello World

  • Email Multiple Users (7/27/2019)

    This screen will allow you to upload an excel spreadsheet guide you through the process. First you will need to prepare a roster keeping these points in mind.

    • Each horizontal row of the excel spreadsheet with a valid email address represents a single SWEAP electronic ticket code that will be mailed.
    • It is preferred that you place the email addresses in the first column.
    • Any other information that is not an email in the line will be imported as the name
      • Some programs have used this to indicate groupings, such as an instructor name or class section is displayed in the subject line to the student.
    • Additional emails can be placed in other cells, and they will receive a copy of the email.
    • The person logged into the account will also get a copy of the email to their account email.
    • Once this feature is used, the SWEAP codes will not be reused again if you upload a new sheet. Thus you can upload each class individually instead of needing to assemble one large excel file. This allows for one to upload the roster shortly before the scheduled section meets. Since emails cannot be retrieved after being sent, if there are mistakes, you will need to edit each link in the main administration screen manually, one-by-one.
    • This system will send emails immediately after the final button is pressed and you should receive confirmation and a copy of the email.
    • SWEAP does not guarantee timely delivery of email, or whether the emails are filtered out. They may take several minutes to reach an inbox. It is prudent to test the system with your own inbox to gauge if the emails are being filtered for your institution.

    The following example would only send rows 2 and 3. The first and last rows do not have an email address.

    After sending this example, the administration screen shows the first two SWEAP administration codes being utilized. If someone did not receive the email (due to typo or email deletion,) you can resend, or change the email by pressing “Send Email Again” on the main administration screen.

    To begin, press the “Choose File” button below and then press “Submit”.

  • Terms and Conditions (3/19/2019)

    Electronic Forms

    We no longer sell paper forms.  All instruments are fully online.  When ordering, you will receive a listing of codes, which you can maintain using the SWEAP website, or you can simply email out to the participants.

    Payment Terms

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you’d like to pay by CHECK please select “Send Check” during checkout. Once SWEAP has received your check, we will send out your order. Make checks payable to “Social Work Education Assessment Project”. At this time we cannot accept purchase orders.

    Please mail checks to:

    SWEAP C/O Department of Social Work

    Metropolitan State University of Denver

    PO Box 173362 CB 70

    Denver, CO 80217-3362

    Please keep in mind the beginning and end of each academic term is the busiest for SWEAP and processing can take extra time.

    We do not offer refunds. You may exchange unused forms (paper or online) for other instruments or for online instruments, at your own shipping cost. See exchange/refunds on the “Support Page”

    If you have questions click here.


SWEAP Meeting, Salt Lake City, 2014
Ruth, Patrick, Dorothy, Vicky, Tameca, Pamela, Tobi, & Kathryn