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We are a diverse group of Social Work educators from different schools around the country.  See the team…


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SWEAP is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  Our team members volunteer their time as a way to give back to the social work education profession.  

SWEAP Annual Report 2016-2017


Meet our sponsor!  The Department of Social Work at MSU-Denver!


SWEAP Contact

When submitting completed paper instruments, please complete the online SWEAP DATA Summary Report for your program, and submit it electronically. Then, send hard copies, free of staples, with the summary report, to our processing group.

Mail to:
SWEAP C/O Department of Social Work

Metropolitan State University of Denver

PO Box 173362 CB 70

Denver, CO 80217-3362

Electronic online instruments are submitted instantaneously as respondents complete them. Click here for more information about using online instruments.

Summer Meeting 2016
Dan Freedman, Dana Sullivan, Brian Christenson, Guest – Pamela Seager, Dorothy Farrel, Patrick Panos, Tobi DeLong-Hamilton, Kathryn Krase, Ruth Gerritsen-McKane, Phil Ng, Tameca Harris-Jackson