EPAS 2022 SWEAP Instruments NOW Available!

"Cross-over" documents available on Resources Page, to help users convert EPAS 2015 instrument findings into EPAS 2022 relevant reporting

Program Assessment Made Easy

Social work programs are able to conduct multi-dimensional assessment of student achievement on professional competencies without the extensive time and headache of trying to develop their own instruments.

SWEAP is committed to providing the highest quality assessment instruments to aid undergraduate and graduate social work programs in evaluation necessary for program development and improvement.

SWEAP instruments are specifically designed to be responsive to the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), related to both initial accreditation and reaffirmation. However, each social work program is individually responsible for appropriately reporting and interpreting data provided through SWEAP instruments to CSWE.

Why Choose Us

    • Personalized Support for Individual Program Needs
    • Simplified Assessment with Valid and Reliable Instruments
    • Over 75 Years of Combined Expertise in Program Evaluation
    • Cost Effective Established Instruments with Multiple Delivery Methods
    • Flexibility with Instrument Package Customization
    • Instruments available to meet EPAS 2015 & EPAS 2022 requirements

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