The baseline price is $5.00 per standardized SWEAP instrument.


Instruments can be distributed by a single-link, through a learning management system, by individual email through the SWEAP online user interface, or individually sent by the social work program, themselves.  Learning management system integration is the preferred method for distribution by SWEAP.

For a social work program with 100 generalist practice year students in a given year, using both the SWEAP Curriculum Instrument and the SWEAP Field Instrument at midpoint and end of placement, the costs would be $15 per student, or a total of $1500,  for a single administration of the SWEAP Curriculum Instrument, and 2 administrations of the SWEAP Field Instrument, per student. Many SWEAP using programs transfer the cost of instruments to students through a fee.

  1. New SWEAP users first need to create an account profile by clicking on the “create profile” link on the home page. You will be required to use the email address associated with your social work program, with an .edu extension. (If you have trouble with this process, please email
  2. Next, you will be assigned to the code (ie. the SWEAP “progranym”) representing your social work program. If your program already uses SWEAP, you should be automatically assigned to that code, based on your email address. If your program is new to SWEAP, you will be assigned a new code.
  3. Once you are assigned to your code/progranym, you can order your instruments.  Find the instrument page that you are instrument in purchasing from. Select the instrument, choose from the various options, indicate the amount of instruments you are ordering.  Click “add to your cart.”  You can add additional instruments before finalizing your order.
  4. You can pay for SWEAP instruments using a credit card or check. SWEAP uses PayPal to authorize and process credit card transactions. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PROCESS THE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION. SWEAP also accepts checks, and can work with your program to process purchase orders. Please contact to ensure speedy processing of purchase orders and checks.

After you have successfully placed your order, your instruments will be made available for distribution through your account.   The instruments can be managed through the user interface on your user profile page.  For more information see, “How do Online Instruments & Tracking System work?” below.

SWEAP instruments are simple to use. You order them via the SWEAP order page on our website. Each link is assigned to an individual instrument and cannot be copied.

For detailed instructions visit our Instructions Page

SWEAP will honor any forms from all historical versions. We have no plans at the current time to discontinue any SWEAP older versions. Although we no longer print BEAP instruments, we will process forms from the old BEAP program as well.

Yes! See exchange policy below.

There are no cash refunds for unused SWEAP instruments. Unused SWEAP instruments are not transferable between colleges and universities.  If you have unused SWEAP instruments, you can exchange them for credit towards a new instrument purchase.

Navigate to the “My Account”/SWEAP User Interface. Once there, choose the instrument type that you would like to exchange for credit. Choose “Exchange Forms for Store Credit”. Select the checkbox for the items you would like to exchange. Then click “Exchange Instruments for Store Credit” at the bottom of the window. You will see the value of the instruments that you are exchanging, before the process is completed.

Please note that you will receive credit for the value of the instrument WHEN PURCHASED.

The store credit will be automatically made available to you and other SWEAP registered users from your program when checking out with new purchases.  If you would like to know the balance of your program’s existing credit, contact us at

All of our assessments (EPAS 2008, EPAS 2015) have been tested and they are compliant with standards for access.

  • WCAG 2.0 – Level AA
  • California Code 508
  • ADA

If there are other standards that your program needs to meet for accessibility, SWEAP would be happy to work with you to meet those standards. Please contact


Most of the questions we receive are listed on this page.  However, if you need further assistance, please contact Erin Aguilar, our office administrator, and she will assist you or direct you to the appropriate team member.

Office Administrator Contact:



SWEAP is committed to providing the highest quality assessment instruments designed to aid undergraduate and graduate social work programs in evaluation necessary for program development and improvement. SWEAP instruments are specifically designed to be responsive to the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), related to both initial accreditation and reaffirmation. However, each social work program is individually responsible for appropriately reporting and interpreting data provided through SWEAP instruments to CSWE.