BSW Instruments & Surveys

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Measure how well your curriculum prepares students with the knowledge necessary for competent social work practice.

Assess student practice of the CSWE competencies in their field experience.

Evaluating how well a program supports student preparedness for the profession.

Assess a program’s implicit and explicit curriculum as related to CSWE standards for ADEI. 

Create your own instruments or add additional questions to our existing instruments.

Intended for completion two years after graduation.

Evaluation of current employment and preparation by the BSW Program in the knowledge, skills, values and ethics of social work.

Summary information about incoming students to compare with students that complete the Exit Survey at graduation.

The sample pack contains the following instruments: Entrance, Exit, Field, Curriculum, Alumni and Employer.

Note: The authors of the instruments hold copyrights.  Copying any of the instruments is a criminal offense.