We are happy to work with programs on all assessment needs and provide one hour of general consulting time to any SWEAP user for free.  Team members are also available via email to answer quick questions.  If your program needs more than an hour of consultation time, please order the number of hours you think you might need and then contact a team member to schedule your consultation.  This includes consultation time with any of our partners, including Tobi Delong Hamilton and Kathryn Krase (Social Work content experts) and Phil Ng (IT programmer).

Consultation time is $150.00 an hour.  Click this link to order.


SWEAP can customize our standard instruments to include additional assessment questions tailored to a specific program’s needs, though we cannot alter our own instrument items.

SWEAP can also help your program design custom field instruments and/or curriculum instruments, designed to assess your program’s own unique competencies, including Specialized Practice competencies for graduate programs.

For the creation of a new custom instrument, there is a base fee of $600. This first time customization fee includes initial consultation (up to 1 hour), programming time, and consultation time on designing a report (up to 1 hour). After the initial customized instrument is created, programs can purchase the instrument at the regular per instrument fee.

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Additional items (like a question allowing the user to select their program option) can be added to existing SWEAP instruments. Additional edits to existing customization work, like additions to completed  “First Customization” orders, are also possible. Adding a “Choose Program Option” item is a $150 fee per instrument, for one hour of work. Additional work is charged on an hourly basis ($150/hr), with a 1 hour minimum . Contact for an estimate of this kind of secondary customization work.

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