The site below is not a comprehensive guide to use of the Canvas LMS, and our team can only assist with SWEAP integration. we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of D2L’s functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes but may not exactly match your own system, particularly since navigation elements can vary depending on your version of the platform.

SWEAP is capable of integrating with the Canvas Learning Management system via the external apps feature. For privacy concerns SWEAP is designed to work without the explicit need to send name or student email to our system, however if the identified version of the curriculum instrument is selected, the names will not appear. SWEAP recognizes that every program is different, and we suggest that you consult with your institution’s IT policies and procedures.

Add SWEAP Integration As An Assignment In A Course

  1. Note your secure information here: Please Login to View Credentials
  2. In canvas navigate to your course where you would like to integrate the selected SWEAP instrument. Click on Assignments, then Add
  3. SWEAP supports grade postback, you may assign points to the assignment, all completed assessments will be graded at 100% for completed. SWEAP does not support the Complete/Incomplete grading option.
  4. Select Submission Type and pick External Tools.
  5. Under URL enter
  6. A configuration section should appear to enter the information found on step 1.
  7. Additional options may appear allowing for selection of what information will be sent to SWEAP.
  8. If you have this set up as an institutional central administration, you can add the step 1
  9. Press Save and Publish

Institution Administrative Adding External Apps

Some institutions may require central administration of External Apps to Canvas.

SWEAP is installed manually to Canvas. Click the “Settings” link in the left sidebar of the course or account where you want to add the app. Click the “Apps” tab and either select an app from the Canvas App Center or select “View Installed Apps” then “Add New App” to manually configure.

SWEAP is configured with a separate app per instrument, with a custom field implemented per app.

For example, you should first create an “App” for the SWEAP Curriculum Instrument at Program Entry. For that entry you will have a cartridge=XXXX code to be inserted into the custom fields section of the setup screen. This cartridge code instructs the SWEAP system what to display when the integration is selected.

Then after that “App” is created, create a SWEAP Curriculum Instrument at Program Completion app, with the same key and secret , with a different custom cartridge code.

The launch URL is

The domain is