Adding a Domain (Blackboard Administrators Only):

Note your secure information here: Please Login to View Credentials

Go To Administrator Panel, LTI Providers, Register Provider Domain

The provider domain is (case insensitive):

Approved domains, secondary hostname is

Set key globally with information provided by SWEAP, leaving the parameter field here blank.

The subsequent fields for user fields are at the discretion of the institution, we recommend sending name and email for full usability of the site.

Access to membership and acknowledgement is also not needed.

Blackboard Provider Domain

Adding a Placement:

Go To Administrator Panel, LTI Providers, Add Placement. There should be one placement per assessment type for each program, thus if the school has the generalist curriculum, custom knowledge form and the exit instrument, there should be three placements.

Under Label, the name of the placement should be descriptive, thus SWEAP Generalist Knowledge would be a good example.

The handle is an alphanumeric entry, also institution chosen. In this example. SWEAPGENKNOW, SWEAPG1 are fine handles.

SWEAP is a course content tool which allows for grading.

The URL is

If the domain is added in the step above, the LTI key and secret should be already completed, otherwise, you can add the key and secret per placement. There are placement level keys available. If this option is used you are complete.

If a site wide domain key / secret was used, you can the SWEAP provided cartridge code in the custom parameters box.