The site below is not a comprehensive guide to use of the Desire2Learn LMS, and our team can only assist with SWEAP integration. we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of D2L’s functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes but may not exactly match your own system, particularly since navigation elements can vary depending on your version of the platform.

  1. From the course homepage, select External Learning Tools (LTI) in the top navigation bar.  If you don’t see the link in the navigation bar go to Course Tools > Edit Course > Site Resources and find the  External Learning Tools that way.

  2. Select the blue New Link button to add a new LTI link. You will follow this process with each new link you have to add. 
  3. Fill in the information as below – with the title being SWEAP Instruments. Only one needs to be created

  4. Be sure to allow users to see the link, and to sign with tool secrets. Put in your assigned information from our website for the key and secret,
  5. Note your secure information here: Please Login to View Credentials
  6. Scroll down to security and select desired options. SWEAP suggests the settings below. If your school does not wish to share the student’s name with an outside entity, you may omit user name and email. Doing this will store the data in a de-identify manner.
  7. To confirm the link works, you can right click the link to preview.
  8. If you’re a system administrator, instructor or course builder, the following screen will appear to allow you to select what instrument is needed.
    pick an option screen
  9. You may now add the link to your course. SWEAP suggests adding this link to your course master.
  10. If you need to change the assessment selected, please delete this activity and create a new activity to select another instrument.