MSW Graduate Survey

This survey is intended for completion two years after graduation from a graduate program.

· Current Employment
· Geographic location
· Urban/rural location
· Annual income
· Length of time to find work
· Educational requirements
· Primary function
· Major roles
· Languages used in practice
· Field(s) of practice
· Type of organization
· Client systems served
· Employment setting
· Tenure on job
· Age group of clients
· Income level of clients

Demographic Profile

· Location of current residence
· Gender
· Graduation date
· Confidential student/graduate ID tracking number
· Survey completion date

Social Work Program Evaluation

· Evaluation of who well the program prepared the student for competent professional social work practice
· Items are evaluated on an 11-point Likert scale.
· Same items appear in the Exit Survey.
· Post- Graduate Educational Activities
· Application status to MSW/PhD/DSW program(s)
· Degrees currently studying
· Degrees completed since graduation
· Professional Activities
· Involvement in common social work professional activities
· Licensing/certification status
· Publication of social work writing
· Use of research techniques to evaluate client progress
· Use of program evaluation methodology
· Professional conferences attended
· Professional workshops or seminars attended

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