MSW Entrance Survey

The MSW Entrance Survey is designed to be completed by students at the time of entrance into the MSW program. This survey provides programs with summary information about their incoming students, towards the effort of comparing to students that complete the Exit Survey at graduation. This effort can identify groups of students who are more successful in the program, and to identify other groups in need of support t in order to facilitate success.

The MSW Entrance Survey is very short, and simply asks for the following information:

· Gender
· Year in school
· Overall GPA
· GPA in major
· Highest possible GPA at school
· Length of current social work-related work experience (volunteer & paid)
· First generation (First-in-Family) college student status
· International student status
· Employment plans during BSW education
· Hours per week of employment expected during education
· Sources of financial aid expected
· Languages spoken
· Expected date of graduation
· Cultural identification
· Conditions/Impairments/Disabilities

Reliability & Validity

  • As strictly a demographic measure, reliability and validity are not calculated psychometrically. However, the instrument has been evaluated by an team of assessment experts, and content and face validity are confirmed.


2015 version