This tool will allow you to upload a Microsoft Excel 2007 or later spreadsheet and use it to email your students/graduates using that spreadsheet. 

  • Each Row in the spreadsheet represents a single student/graduate
  • The system will only use rows that have valid email addresses
  • If there is more than one email in a cell or on the row, any other email addresses will get a copy of the email
  • All other data will be stored to the student name. You can add student section, instructor, online vs in person information to be imported.

    • Thus the column names are irrelevant.

Below is a sample, in this case, the first row the student has a school address and a personal email, the last two students will not be receiving an instrument and will be ignored. The column names are ignored.

After import you will be presented with how many students were imported, the ability to edit the email to be sent, a preview of the emails, and after you press the final “Send Emails Button” on the preview screen,  the emails will be sent.