How to use the ID Field

Your program can choose whatever number they would like to use to link students longitudinally. This means that the information among these forms will be tracked together for reporting purposes.

  • Most programs prefer to use the last four digits of a student’s university ID number that is used in keeping track of your enrollment, such as your university’s student information system.If your university utilizes letters and numbers, one can use the following grid to encode the letters:

  • Some programs have utilized the last four digits of the student’s cell phone number.
  • It is not intended for the last four of a social security number.
  • Only four digits are tracked.

This information is only used to link the student’s information in further reporting and it is not disclosed to neither the participating program, nor any other party. We will never disclose this to any other person, group or entity.

Please consult your program for what number to utilize.

This field is optional.

If the field is not filled in, your data will be not be linked up with any other form you’ve filled out in this system and your program will be unable to track your responses over time.