We've partnered with Lumivero's Sonia team to allow for integration between our two platforms.

This is a custom integration and the information here was designed to only work with Sonia.

The following information will be needed to initiate integration:

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Lumivero Sonia Settings

You will need to visit the LTI Settings page. This is under the School Options > Integrations > IMS Global (Learning Tools Integrations) section. On the right hand side there is a green "+" plus button to add a new integration.

Image of Sonia Setup Screen for Integrations

A window will pop up that will allow for you to enter the integration information from the Secure Domain Setup box above. The URL to be integrated is https://sweapinstruments.org/lti/index.php. These instructions are for a type 1.1 integration.

We recommend that you send the contact name and email, especially with field evaluations.

After adding the integration, it will return you to the integrations pane, which will now have the newly added integration. In this example, we have called this integration SWEAP MSW.

completed adding integration screen


Adding An Assignment

Now that your integration is set up, you will need to set up an assignment. This assignment will be sent out to your students, or to your field mentors/ instructors/ coordinators.  You can administer any type of instrument that has been provisioned and ordered for in the SWEAP system. To start, open the placement that you want to add your assessments to.

under the extra tab is the assignment button.Under the placement, you can add an assignment, This opens a screen where you can select your newly added integration. If you want the assessment to only be sent to your students you should leave the field instructor checkbox unchecked. Note, each school has a different name for this role and may appear differently than below.

Filled out assignment screen with arrow pointing out field instructors

After OK is selected, a screen will appear that will let you configure which instrument you want to have open when this assignment is clicked. Note it may appear below your current screen or open in a new tab.

pick an option screen

If a field instrument is selected, it will give you the option of whether the student fills it out first, or the instructor fills it out first. 

You'll then get a confirmation that it's been complete after clicking on the "Select this instrument" button.
success integrating instrument


Impersonating A Student / Field Instructor

We advise you to impersonate a student and a field instructor to visualize the complete workflow. It should appear as an assignment at the top of the Details page of their placement. If there are more than 1 assignment given, each will appear as a seperate link. Clicking on the link will start the assessment or show a message indicating that they're not ready to sign or review an instrument. 

sample sonia placement

Clicking the link will mark the instrument as clicked within Sonia, and completion of the instrument by both parties will mark the assignment as complete, as demonstrated below. In the example, the field assessment was completed, but the 2nd assignment was clicked or started.

showing where the completion status appears in Sonia


If you have any questions, feel free to email us to set this up with you.