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Thank you for ordering an MSW custom instrument. If you are in the process of developing a custom instrument in the form of a knowledge test to assess student achievement of specialized practice behaviors, SWEAP has a resource that might be helpful.

SWEAP maintains a testbank of questions that you can view and use in your own instrument development. You can find the testbank HERE:

The questions in this testbank  include:

  • Questions developed by other MSW programs for their own custom instruments (and shared with permission), along with;
  • Questions developed by the SWEAP team for considered inclusion in the EPAS 2015 and/or EPAS 2022 SWEAP Curriculum Instrument

You can use these questions are presented in the file, or adjust them to meet your needs. Ultimately, YOUR PROGRAM is responsible for choosing the questions for your instrument, and assigning each question to a competency as defined by YOUR PROGRAM.

Once you have identified all your questions for this custom instrument, send this information in a word processing document or spreadsheet to for programming.