Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SWEAP cost?

Online instruments cost $1.00. For programs that would like identifiable individual reports, matched by ID number, for FCAI only, the cost per instrument is $2.00. Entrance instruments are free when programs pay their annual fee.

How do I order SWEAP instruments?

First, create your profile by clicking on the “create profile” link on the home page.

Next, click on “instruments” button in the banner to begin ordering SWEAP instruments.

Prior to ordering individual instruments, add applicable fees to your cart.  For instance, an annual fee of $50.00 is due with the first order after July 1st of each calendar year (programs that paid the one time BEAP fee are exempt).

You are now ready to order your instruments.  Select the instrument, indicate the amount of instruments you are ordering.  Click “add to your cart.”  You can add additional instruments before finalizing your order.

How do I use online instruments?

After your order is finalized:

After you have placed your order, your instrument links will be uploaded into your account.  Each link represents one instrument and can be used only one time.  The links can managed through the on-line administration tool on your profile page.  For more information see, “How do Online Instruments & Tracking System work?” below.

How do Online Instruments & Tracking System work?

Online Instruments are simple to use. You order them via the SWEAP order page on our website. Each link is an individual instrument and cannot be copied.

For detailed instructions visit our Instructions Page

How long will SWEAP offer 2008 or older EPAS Versions?

SWEAP will honor any forms from all historical versions. We have no plans at the current time to discontinue any SWEAP older versions. Although we no longer print BEAP instruments, we will process forms from the old BEAP program as well.

Can I trade old forms for new ones?

Yes! See exchange policy below.

What is the exchange/refund policy?

There are no cash refunds for unused SWEAP instruments. Unused SWEAP instruments are not transferable between colleges and universities.  If you have unused SWEAP instruments, you can exchange them, or get credit towards a new instrument purchase.

Simple Exchange:

If you would like to exchange an older version of an instrument for a newer version of the instrument, we can conduct a simple exchange. There is no cost associated with this type of exchange. For instance, if you have 10 unused paper versions of the Foundation Curriculum Assessment Instrument (FCAI) purchased before 9/1/16, you can request a simple exchange for 10 paper versions of the new version. If you have 20 old online Exit Instrument, you can request a simple exchange for 10 updated online Exit Instruments. To exchange old BEAP printed versions, you will need to contact us.  All exchange requests can be made by using the “contact us” section on the right.  Once you have spoken to one of our team members, mail your unused instruments back to SWEAP for the credit with a letter stating you are returning the unused instruments with a list of what you would like to exchange.  Please use the address listed on this webpage to mail your unused paper forms.

Exchanging paper for online (same instrument):

If you would like to exchange unused older paper instruments for online versions of the same instrument, you can make a request to exchange paper for online instrument. There is no cost associated with this type of exchange.

Changing Instruments:

If you would like to exchange unused instruments for another type of instrument, you may need to pay an additional cost per instrument, depending on the current cost and format of the instruments you are exchanging.

All exchange requests can be made by using the “contact us” section on the right.

Are your instruments ADA / WCAG / California 508 Compliant?

All of our assessments (EPAS 2008, EPAS 2015) have been tested and they are compliant with standards for access.

  • WCAG 2.0 – Level AA
  • California Code 508
  • ADA

Contact Us

Most of the questions we receive are listed on this page.  However, if you need further assistance, please contact Erin Aguilar, our office administrator, and she will assist you or direct you to the appropriate team member.

Office Administrator Contact:

One of our team members would be happy to set up a phone or virtual meeting consultation with you or your program faculty.  Contact any one of us to set up a meeting time.

Appropriate Reporting

SWEAP is committed to providing the highest quality assessment instruments designed to aid undergraduate and graduate social work programs in evaluation necessary for program development and improvement. SWEAP instruments are specifically designed to be responsive to the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), related to both initial accreditation and reaffirmation. However, each social work program is individually responsible for appropriately reporting and interpreting data provided through SWEAP instruments to CSWE.