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Announcements for SWEAP Members

DEAR SWEAP LISTSERV, What follows are three announcements for SWEAP members:   SWEAP is Now Paperless  As has been mentioned over the past year, SWEAP transitioned from having paper and electronic options for administering instruments to being 100% electronic.  The reasons for the change are that electronic instruments are more efficient than paper in terms […]

SWEAP’s Pre-Conference Workshop

Colleagues, Looking forward to seeing many of you this week at the Pre-conference workshop and other SWEAP events. SWEAP Team’s Presentations that will occur at 2018 BPD 1. Pre-conference workshop: Meeting the challenges of assessment: SWEAP standardized instruments for program evaluation  Wednesday, March 14th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm in Georgia 2 Separate Fee Required  […]

Changes to the Field Placement/Practicum Assessment Instrument (FPPAI)

Hello SWEAP Users, Based on expert feedback, and meetings with key stakeholders, the SWEAP team has removed the N/O (Not Observed) category from the SWEAP Field Placement/Practicum Assessment Instrument (FPPAI). All students, whether starting their social work field placement experience at the bachelors or master level, or in their advanced year of graduate study, should […]