Fall 2015 SWEAP Updates

Dear SWEAP Users: 
As we approach the beginning of the fall semester, it’s time to plan for 2015-16 outcomes assessment, this time, with EPAS 2015 in mind. Here are some important updates from us: 

1) You can order EPAS 2015 instruments! We have updated our Field, Exit, Alumni and Employer instruments in accordance with the new 2015 EPAS, to include items that assess the nine competency areas, and related practice behaviors.” Order the instruments on our website now, and they will be ready for you to print/send by the end of August. 

Need to prepare your self-study under 2008 EPAS? Don’t worry! 


2) ENTRANCE and CURRICULUM (FCAI) INSTRUMENTS did not need updating for 2015 EPAS, so you can order and receive those anytime. As we reported earlier this summer, the Entrance Instrument is now FREE to all programs who pay their annual SWEAP program fee! 

3) Follow our SWEAP Facebook Page http:://facebook.com/groups/414740392061680/ . Get to know our team members, and fellow SWEAP users. We will use this space to provide updates, and important information as we plan for CSWE’s APM in Denver this October. 

4) Meet & Greet at CSWE’s APM in Denver. At least 5 of our SWEAP team members will be in Denver this October. We will post on our website and Facebook page a schedule of dates/times that we will be available to chat informally each day of APM. If you would like to schedule a separate meeting, please contact a SWEAP team member directly. 

5) Coming Soon: Additional resources. Check out our updated website (sweapinstruments.org). New resources are being added all the time. The SWEAP team now has an example of a learning plan/educational contract directly tied to our Field instrument. You can purchase this copyrighted document through our website. SWEAP is also developing an example assessment plan. The assessment plan will be available to all active SWEAP programs. We will also be uploading model letters to include with our Alumni and Employer surveys, along with tips on how to increase return rates. 

As always, if you have any questions, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to any SWEAP team member. 

The SWEAP Team 
Brian Christenson, brian.christenson@capella.edu 
Tobi DeLong-Hamilton, Tobi.Hamilton@socwk.utah.edu 
Dorothy Farrel, dorothy.farrel@colostate.edu 
Dan Freedman, Daniel.freedman@sc.edu 
Ruth Gerritsen-McKane, ruth.gerritsen-mckane@socwk.utah.edu 
Tameca Harris-Jackson tameca.harris-jackson@ucf.edu 
Kathryn Krase, Kathryn.krase@liu.edu 
Phil Ng, phillip_ng@urmc.rochester.edu 
Patrick Panos, patrickpanos@gmail.com