SWEAP at BPD in Dallas! Come check us out!

Hey there SWEAPsters!

The SWEAP Team is excited to be at BPD’s Annual Conference in Dallas starting TODAY!

SWEAP will be presenting a pre-conference workshop TODAY, Wednesday, March 30 from 1-4pm

Promoting Program Excellence through SWEAP Standardized Assessment Instruments

in Dallas Ballroom A3. An additional registration fee is required. On-site registration is available.

We will also be presenting two conference workshops:

  • Using SWEAP Standardized Assessment Instruments to Promote Excellence in Social Work Education” on Saturday, April 2, 9:30am-10:45am in Dallas Ballroom D3, AND


  • Developing a Standardized Field Instrument: The SWEAP Field Placement/Practicum Assessment Instrument” on Saturday, April 2, 3:15pm-4:30pm in Dallas Ballroom A1.

If you can’t make our sessions, you can still touch base with SWEAP. We will have a booth (#309) in the exhibit hall, which will be staffed throughout the conference. Stop by to meet with SWEAP team members, take a look at SWEAP instruments before you decide to order, and to pick up helpful information about how to use SWEAP instruments in your outcomes assessment plan. ALL SWEAP USERS, STOP BY OUR BOOTH FOR A SPECIAL SWEAP USER STICKER FOR YOUR BADGES!

If you’re not coming to Dallas, but want to find out more about SWEAP, check out our website at www.sweapinstruments.org.

As always, we encourage your feedback. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The SWEAP Team (in alphabetical order by last name)
Brian Christenson, brian.christenson@capella.edu

Tobi DeLong-Hamilton, Tobi.Hamilton@socwk.utah.edu

Dorothy Farrel, dorothy.farrel@colostate.edu

Dan Freedman, Daniel.freedman@sc.edu

Ruth Gerritsen-McKane, ruth.gerritsen-mckane@socwk.utah.edu

Tameca Harris-Jackson  tameca.harris-jackson@ucf.edu

Kathryn Krase, Kathryn.krase@liu.edu

Phil Ng, phillip_ng@urmc.rochester.edu

Patrick Panos, patrickpanos@gmail.com