Fall 2020 SWEAP Newsletter

Newsletter – September 2020 

This is the year of adaptation. Change is always going to happen but 2020 brought about major changes that have impacted higher education and caused many schools to scramble for online solutions. 

How is that going to affect assessments for social work programs? That all depends on how each school was administering instruments.

When to Adopt Online Instruments

Having people complete surveys and instruments for assessment in person has become a big challenge. Some schools have partially or even completely shut down their campuses forcing them to implement online classes. The total impact of the current situation is yet to be seen but we do know that in-person interactions have been reduced or eliminated. 

The solution is digital surveys and instruments that can be completed online.

There are many benefits to using SWEAP digital surveys and instruments such as:

Quicker completion – Use any web browser

Automatic data entry – Answers are immediately captured in a database

Faster analysis – Immediately run assessment reports on data

Making Survey and Instrument Distribution Easier

To help assessment coordinators get surveys and instruments to students and/or field supervisors, we have three options. 

  1.     Individual Links

The assessment coordinator manually emails each student or field supervisor their individual link to access and complete the assigned survey or assessment.

  1.     Single Link Sign-on

One link (SLS) can be embedded in an email, text message or Learning Management System, such as Blackboard or Canvas, and used by everyone. Each student or field supervisor completes their own registration and an individual assessment is assigned. 

  1.     Learning Management System Integration

A SWEAP custom application is connected to your LMS, such as Blackboard or Canvas, allowing SWEAP surveys and instruments to be added to courses as assignments. When a student starts the assignment, they are automatically registered and assigned an individual instrument. 

Consultations with Assessment Experts

Whether it’s general assessment questions or questions about SWEAP tools, our team of consultants have decades of experience as undergraduate and graduate social work program assessment coordinators, field directors and program administrators. The SWEAP team has successfully used our instruments in their own programs from initial program development and accreditation, through  reaffirmation, at small programs and R1 universities. 

Going Virtual at the 2020 CSWE APM

The SWEAP team will be conducting a virtual presentation titled “Crucial Conversations about Assessment: Evaluating the Implicit Curriculum” and you can find us in the virtual exhibit area. We look forward to seeing you there.